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Modeling and simulation of clinical trials has become a key strategic area of development over the past two years, especially since the US FDA received a congressional mandate in 2018 to promote the use of in silico approaches in clinical trials to improve R&D outcomes. In silico clinical trials simulate the same conditions as in vivo (same endpoints, clinical outcomes on a virtual population). In silico trials meet the needs of the industry, which is looking for more efficient, less expensive drug development approaches as well as de-risking trials for patients.

The COVID-19 crisis is accelerating the adoption of new technologies and the pandemic is likely to change the face of human clinical trials: the time is right for biotechs and pharma companies to adopt clinical trials simulation. Running in silico clinical trials with virtual patients is an opportunity for the industry to drive its R&D programs forward, unleash the power of better decision-making and help bring to market life-changing therapies for patients.


  1. How do in silico clinical trials work?
  2. How do we build models?
  3. What are the applications?
  4. Simulation results
  5. In silico & regulatory agencies
  6. NOVA’s hybrid mechanistic modeling approach

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