Nova has built the first end-to-end solution for clinical trial simulation: the jinkō platform. Using disease models based on scientific literature review and virtual population tools, you can run multiple simulations to help identify the best clinical trial design.

Benefit from the knowledge management module of jinkō allowing you to to capture and assess the latest scientific and medical knowledge in a systematic, transparent and traceable manner. Jinkō knowledge allows you to build and maintain a high-quality knowledge repository. The result is a living state-of-theart review of the topic of interest that can be collaboratively maintained and improved over time to stay up-to-date with the latest science.


In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the use of in silico techniques in clinical research, resulting in more efficient and innovative approaches. Scientists initiating new research and development programs are compelled to gather the most pertinent data and insights to facilitate the process. Novadiscovery’s jinkō platform, has been thought to construct and sustain a repository of quality knowledge, facilitating seamless collaboration among teams, both internally and with external experts.

In silico modeling enhances clinical trials. Unlike regular clinical trials, in silico clinical trials enable researchers to explore an almost unlimited number of hypotheses. Mechanistic modeling encompasses more available knowledge than other in silico approaches. It can be useful even when data is limited.