LUAD-NSCLC study with Janssen

Lung cancer is the second most prevalent cancer and the most common cause of cancer deaths worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. Non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) makes up the majority of lung cancer cases and there is significant unmet medical need in this indication.

Janssen sought a validated in silico disease model of NSCLC with common treatment-resistant mutations, enabling control arms with virtual patients where in-person controls are unethical, to complement its development activity in this area.

The purpose of this case study is to outline NOVA’s partnership with Janssen on this project. NOVA provided an in silico model of NSCLC tumors harboring treatment-resistant epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutations, validated using two independent data-sets, which allowed accurate simulation of disease progression after standard therapy. It also predicted patient response to treatment according to tumor mutation profile.


  1. What is LUAD-NSCLC disease ?
  2. Our in silico project workflow
  3. LUAD-NSCLC case study example

case study

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