Hepatitis B case study

The World Health Organization estimated that, in 2015, 257 million people were living with chronic hepatitis B infection with only 10% of people aware of their infection! HBV can be prevented by vaccines but currently, there is no cure. Novadiscovery has worked on HBV since 2017 with the development of a mechanistic model to study the replication of the virus and the possibilities offered by combining potential treatments.

Our HBV model was developed to explore drug candidate efficacy of an FXR agonist on HBV chronic infection and to optimize the design of a Phase 2 trial with the potential treatment, on behalf of ENYO Pharma. Exploring drug candidate (EYP001), the nova team simulated a Phase 2 trial, exploring a number of treatment regimens on a large variety of patients and treatment combinations.


  1. Problem formulation
  2. Model scope
  3. In silico drug trial
  4. Results

case study

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